Hey folks.  Just wanted to let everyone know that Myro:Bridge is 100% compatible with Sonos:Connect (formally ZonePlayer).  What better way to take advantage of the latest streaming technology on your Russound Controller, order a Myro:Bridge today!

  • Mysticeti

    Hi Danny.  Would I be the first to ask for a Russound to JRiver Media Center bridge?

    I’ve been using the CAV66/JRMC link software (described here: http://www.avsforum.com/t/534233/cav6-6-mc11-link-software ) but the author doesn’t have much time to dedicate to the project and he’s not been able to get the TS2 controllers working.

    What’s nice about JRiver Media Center is it’s built in support for multi-zone audio.  iTunes does not have that to the best of my knowledge.

    • Danny Mavromatis

      You sure are — if they have a control protocol it shouldn’t be too hard to adapt.

      • Mysticeti

        Do they ever!  🙂

        Seriously, they have all sorts of info here: http://wiki.jriver.com/index.php/DevZone

        If you’d like someone to beta test it for you let me know.

      • Jan

        Did anything happened here?