Myro:Air and AudioEngine A2 Speakers



Our customers demand the highest audio quality and as such, most use Myro:Air with high-end tube amps and other audiophile grade amplifiers to squeeze out every ounce of quality from the onboard Wolfson WM8741 DAC.   To some, that is excessive and we’re always asked if we know of a relatively inexpensive self-powered speaker system that can be used with Myro:Air that still delivers good sound quality for the bedroom, kitchen or office.

We think we’ve found something that will satisfy the request and is quite possibly one of the best sounding little systems our ears have heard from such a small footprint and price.

The speakers are made by a company called AudioEngine and cost $199.  They’re self powered and we’ve been playing them in concert with Myro:Air for a while now and we’re quite happy with them! Now, they are not  Bower & Wilkins Nautilus 800 Series sounding speakers, but for $199 for the pair, they can compete with speakers 4x their price (but maybe not 100x).

So for $798 ($199 for speakers and $599 for Myro:Air) you can have yourself a nice little AirPlay setup that delivers great sound for the home or office.