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General Discussion / Is myRIO a microcontroller?
« Last post by luffy05 on May 27, 2022, 01:46:12 am »
Is myRIO a microcontroller?สมัครSexybaccarat
General Discussion / Re: Where can I find PC Access?
« Last post by Myro Control on April 28, 2022, 07:49:58 am »
Hi!  If you have a license you can contact HAI/Leviton support and they will provide a link to the software.  If you lost your license key then you can still contact HAI/Leviton and they can look it up.    If you don't have a license key, I assume they will provide you with one as well.
Hi!  You need to manually "sync controller data".

- Get to the Controller Settings (from Status tab, swipe down from the header or double tap controller name)
- Then tap "Edit"
- Then tap the controller you want to refresh.
- Then scroll all the way to the bottom and tap "Sync Controller Data".
- Follow the on screen instructions.

That will download all the data from the controller.

General Discussion / Where can I find PC Access?
« Last post by MilwaukeeMike on April 09, 2022, 04:49:59 pm »
I'm setting up my OmniPro II and though I can connect to it just fine with Myro (both the Mac app and IOS app), I don't know where to find/buy the PC Access app I need to program the system.

Is there a way native to Mac OS or IOS that I can configure the zones and actually program the OmniPro II?  I can use a Windows VM if needed, but I'm not seeing PC Access for sale/download anywhere.

Any help appreciated!

Thank you
Just installed V2.51 on my iPhone and iPad, but can't get the data to refresh and reflect changes I make with PC Access.  Any ideas?
Report a Bug / Re: Bug? Feature Request? Flag values.
« Last post by Myro Control on February 15, 2022, 09:45:44 am »
Hi! I have verified this works correctly on an OmniPro II running firmware 4.0b.  Please create a support ticket (which seems like you did) so we can further investigate why this isn't working correctly on your panel/system).
Report a Bug / Bug? Feature Request? Flag values.
« Last post by rnmpk on February 15, 2022, 08:24:29 am »
Trying the app and love it. I have several flags which are used as counters. SnapLink /Omni displays them as On/Off but also shows their values (0 to 255). Myro:Home shows On/Off and a "0" underneath the On/Off button on the Flag detail page also with +/- buttons and I see that I can increment/decrement the value and it does change over on SnapLink, but the Myro:Home app doesn't show the initial value from OmniPro nor does it update when any changes are made on SnapLink / Omni. In addition, it doesn't save the changes made with the +/- buttons, once you exit and go back into the Flag detail, it shows a 0, even though the Omni is updated with the value from Myro:Home. I also believe the +/- buttons only increment up to 100% for flags, not 255. Would also be great to see the flag values on the Flag List page.
News & Announcements / YouTube Channel
« Last post by Myro Control on January 27, 2022, 07:21:16 pm »
I've created a Myro Control YouTube channel, head over there to subscribe.  I'll be posting tutorial videos and how to use Myro:Home and products.  As I keep adding more and more features, people are asking for a manual, but it's easier just to create videos showing all the features.
Yes, you can show/hide the sections.
OK, I see what happened. I'll answer my own question in case someone else has this issue. I looked at my wife's iPhone and it looked just like I remembered it. I can see now there are some arrows next to "Areas" and Zones".  When these arrows are tapped showing the data, the app looks how I like it to look. I'll try to remember this in the future.   
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