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Report a Bug / Bug? Feature Request? Flag values.
« on: February 15, 2022, 08:24:29 am »
Trying the app and love it. I have several flags which are used as counters. SnapLink /Omni displays them as On/Off but also shows their values (0 to 255). Myro:Home shows On/Off and a "0" underneath the On/Off button on the Flag detail page also with +/- buttons and I see that I can increment/decrement the value and it does change over on SnapLink, but the Myro:Home app doesn't show the initial value from OmniPro nor does it update when any changes are made on SnapLink / Omni. In addition, it doesn't save the changes made with the +/- buttons, once you exit and go back into the Flag detail, it shows a 0, even though the Omni is updated with the value from Myro:Home. I also believe the +/- buttons only increment up to 100% for flags, not 255. Would also be great to see the flag values on the Flag List page.

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