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Author Topic: Controlling Leviton ZWave Dimmers - Incorrect  (Read 7648 times)

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Controlling Leviton ZWave Dimmers - Incorrect
« on: November 18, 2019, 08:01:39 pm »
First and foremost, great app!

Control tab All tab does not  accurately reflect current state of Z-WAVE switches.     
I have several dimmers, switches (non-dim) and receptacles.    Some are activated by scheduled timers e.g. turn landscape light on 10 minutes before sunset.     Control tab shows Landscape as off after event occurs.

Another issue is with a dimmer switch. 
Scenario:  Dimmer is at 52%.  Drag slider bar to 100% does not change brightness.   Slider goes to zero (status flashes off) then goes top 100 although brightness does not change.     Usually resets  status and slider bar to current dim level in a few seconds.   

Sliding to other brightness levels less than 100 works most of the time.     Once you slide to 100 the app is unpredictable.   App seems to get out of sync with controller after several adjustments.    e.g. app show 90% and the lights are actually @ 22%.

Does one need to wait a few seconds between commands with Zwave devices?

iPhone X iOS 13.1.3
OmniPro IIe with 3.9 firmware
Leviton Zwave controller plugged into Serial Port 1 on OmniPro IIe

Installed demo version, deleted and installed full annual subscription (still in trial period)