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A working committee, comprising representatives from each party may be established to facilitate the government transition.Tomorrow’s talks will discuss various issues, which may include the House Speaker position if it is raised. The House Speaker role is the internal issue to be settled by MFP and Pheu Thai, he said.Asked about rumours that MFP may end up being in the opposition bloc, the MFP secretary-general said MFP and Pheu Thai leaders have already talked to allay concerns over this issue. MFP has no other plans as it is confident it will achieve the formation of the new government, which will become clearer in mid-June and is expected to be finished by next month.The negotiation with the Senate is going ahead in the good direction. Cabinet portfolios have been discussed but have not completed, he added. (TNA) 


News & Announcements / COVID-19
« on: January 07, 2023, 07:11:24 am »
The Science Museum in London is hosting an exhibition on COVID-19 vaccine development and distribution. To combat the pandemic that threatens the lives of people around the world.


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