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Beta Testers

Are you interested in Beta Testing products for Myro Control? Is so, please send us your system configuration and we'll get you on this list!

Beta testing is over, however, if you'd like your name added to the list for future version testing, please fill in the form below. Otherwise, you can download the latest release from here.

HAI Controller Type:  
HAI Firmware Version:  
Do you have a TED Power Monitor running the TEDService?  
Do you have a whole house audio system connected to the HAI Controller? If so, which type?  
What kind of lighting system is controlled by the HAI?  
What kind of IP Camera's do you have?  
Network Type:  
OS(s) that you can test on (ctrl-click for multi selection):  
Computer Hardware Specs (RAM, CPU, Screen Resolution):  
Is the computer/device touchscreen based?  
Are you in the US or International?  
Are you a:  
Email Address: