Myro:Home Helper (MacOS)

Available on the Mac App Store



Myro:Home Helper enhances your Leviton/HAI Home Automation controller by providing additional capabilities not possible before. It can be used standalone or combined with the Myro:Home iOS app.


– Easy to setup and use interface

– Enable true Push Notifications to your iOS devices (when combined with the Myro:Home iOS app)

– Rain Advisory Flag perfect for automating sprinkler and rainfall based automation.

– Energy Cost synchronization allows for automation based on energy use when configured with a TED 5000 energy monitor.

– Data logging of events and objects perfect for further analysis or debugging of system.

– HAP bridge exposes controller lighting and other units as HomeKit accessories allowing Siri control.


Please note:

Myro:Home Helper runs in the background on your Mac utilizing minimal resources. It is required that your Mac is powered up and always running, like a server, for it to maintain connection to the Omni/Lumina controller and function properly.


Minimum Requirements:

– A Leviton/HAI Omni or Lumina ethernet based home automation controller running firmware 3.9 or higher is required (however, firmware 3.5 and greater works but extended setup like rooms, etc are not available).

– A Mac running MacOS 10.11 or greater.



Myro Control, LLC does not use or collect any of your home usage data, private keys or connection details. They are only stored locally on your Mac’s secure keychain. The communication between the Leviton/HAI controller and Myro:Home Helper directly flow between your Mac and the controller using an encrypted protocol. Myro Control, LLC does not store any data in the cloud or on their systems at any point.