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Minimum Requirements

Myro:Home has been tested on many types of devices and computer systems and our goal was to create a user interface that responds quickly and is great to look at. We feel we have achieved this.

However, due to the graphical nature of Myro:Home you might experience some performance issues on really low spec'd systems. Below are the bare minimum requirements needed to run Myro:Home. Of course, the better the specs, the better the performance!

The Basics:
  • HAI Home Automation Controller (Omni IIe, OmniPRO II, Lumina, LuminaPRO) with Ethernet Port and firmware 3.0 or later.
  • MS Windows 2000, XP, XP Embedded, 2003, Vista or later versions of Windows.
  • Myro Home Utilizes Port #3005, be sure this port it not used on device Myro:Home is being installed on.
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
  • Internet Explorer 7 (or greater)
  • Adobe Flash 9 (or greater) Player
  • 50MB free disk space
  • 800x600 Screen Resolution
  • 512MB RAM
  • 1.0ghz or Greater Processor
  • Internet Connection

Devices Supported:
  • TED Power Monitor System running TEDService (http://www.theenergydetective.com/index.html) or TED 5000 Gateway
  • Any Whole House Audio System Supported by the HAI controller
  • Any Lighting System Supported by the HAI controller.
  • Any Touchscreen computer/panel (or MYRO:8W)
  • IP Cameras that support JPEG snapshots (Includes: Axis, HAI IP Server, Panasonic, D-Link, StarDot NetCam & Express 6, & PiXORD)

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