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Am I doing something wrong? It's harder to find and change the status of Alarm


It appears that the app has changed. In the past when I would log into the iPhone app, at the very top it would tell me my alarm status. I could tap on that to Arm or Disarm my system. Now, I seem to have to "dig" to be able to arm or disarm my system. 

To arm or disarm my system I must now, Tap Security, then tap the Lock, (that is right next to the emergency button!).  Then select my choice of what I wish to do.  The old way was easier, I'm wondering if I've accidentally configured something to make this app harder to use?

OK, I see what happened. I'll answer my own question in case someone else has this issue. I looked at my wife's iPhone and it looked just like I remembered it. I can see now there are some arrows next to "Areas" and Zones".  When these arrows are tapped showing the data, the app looks how I like it to look. I'll try to remember this in the future.   

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