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Russound MCA-5 HDMI Source

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I have installed a Russound MCA-5 and ready to order a Myro Bridge.  I want to have a HDMI STB available as one of the 8 Russound sources. Do I need a HDMI switcher to accomplish this?

Myro Control:
Yes, you need a matrix switcher and a Myro:Bridge to be able to use the system to switch the video source with the audio source.   Just make sure you get a matrix switcher that has enough outputs as displays in the system.

For example, if you only ever will need 3 sources (STB, Bluray, AppleTV) and have 6 zones with displays, you'll need a 4x8 Matrix leaving 1 open source and 2 open outputs for future use.

Installing Keydigital KD-4x4CSX to Russound MCA-5.  What is the best practice to install the IR control?  Should it be on the Russound or Keydigital?  I am using iPad app to control most zones and not keypads.

Myro Control:

Either way, I prefer IR control via the Russound, but there are pros/cons to each. 

Using the Russound IR, are keypads required? Have you seen installations using only the iPad app to control each zone with perhaps an external IR connection to the MCA common IR port?


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