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Myro:Bridge stops updating metadata


Myro Control:
There are two typical causes to this issue:

1) The Sonos:Connect subscription duration is valid for about 1 hour in which it provides updates to the Myro:Bridge.  Within that time, Myro:Bridge refreshes or "re-subscribes" with the Sonos device.   If you find that you lose "sync" after an hour, it means that there is a problem with your network as Myro:Bridge cannot effectively subscribe to the Sonos.

2) Some "malformed" meta data is "killing" the bridge. We have had the occasional report, mostly caused by internet radio sources that can "hang" Myro:Bridge.  Pandora, MP3, Rhapsody, XM have never produced this issue as they control the metadata whereas the radio station could decided to send anything.  This is a rare occurrence, but if you ever experience this, please report it as a bug and what source caused it.


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