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Myro bridge reporting "finding zoneplayer"


I updated my firmware today in my myrobridge and now my Russound keypad claims "finding zoneplayer" I reset the myro bridge and also pressed the Sonos connect buttons, mute and volume to try and initiate the find process. The Sonos system plays music through my system but doesn't display the metadata.

Myro Control:
Hi --

Did you follow the update procedure correctly?  See video:
If you didn't "Clear Device" first, it most likely didn't update correctly.

Can you try again following the procedure in the video and report back?


I went through the procedure again and it worked. I could have sworn I did it right the first time but oh well, as long as its working I'm happy. Thanks for the help.

Hi I'm having the same issue. Any other solutions ?

Myro Control:
@darobin77 -- please create a support ticket and we'll be able to step you through.

Typically, if it stays on, "Finding Zone Player" it means that it was once paired and it cannot find the zone player.  The quick and easy solution is to go to the internal Myro:Bridge webpage an select the same RNET ID but the one lower in the dropdown list (it will make sense).  Then after the page reloads, press the reboot button on the back of the Myro:Bridge.

That should put it back into the "Add a Sonos Component..." message where you can pair it again.  To do this, press the "Volume Up" and "Mute" buttons on the Sonos Connect to put it into discovery mode.


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