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Link keypad to multiple zones? (Russound)


I don't know if its possible but it would be cool if I can control 2 zones with 1 keypad.
Because now I have 2 zones but I only have 1 keypad because the rooms are next to each other (without door)  but still 2 zones because 1 zone would be used for tv when we need it. But I would like to power on zone 1 and zone 2 needs to follow (to play music). And only disable zone 2 it in the app when I'm going to watch a movie or something.
Maybe this is more of a russound feature. But maybe sonos bridge is smarter to do it?

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Myro Control:

Thanks for the feature request -- that could be possible, but I'm not sure we have enough users to justify the development.  I'll leave this open to see if others have a similar need.

I also would appreciate this functionality.

I have bathroom (without a keypad) that should be "slaved" to the living room (with keypad).

The only time I need to switch the bathroom is during bathtime with my kids (so my wife can watch something different on the living room tv).  I can control this exception of bathtime by switching inputs via HomeSeer home automation system.

I also have the inverse.  I have 2 Russound zones (bathroom and bedroom) sharing one source (using and HDMI splitter).

They need to have there own audio since they need there own individual volume levels.


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