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Author Topic: Russound: Setting Myro:Link ID to RNET ID (Source)  (Read 17706 times)

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Russound: Setting Myro:Link ID to RNET ID (Source)
« on: April 25, 2014, 08:48:46 am »
If you are setting up a Myro:Air to work with a Russound system, it has been tested to work with the following RNET based Russound systems:

- E-Series (Sphere)
- C-Series (C3/C5)

To use Myro:Air as a Russound "Smart Source" you need to setup as you would an "iBridge Dock".     Typical settings for CAV is setting the Command type as "Peripheral" and the Myro:Link ID to match the Source number (e.g. Myro:Air connected to Source 2 input, set Myro:Link ID to 2).

For E & C-Series systems, you setup the source in the windows system configuration software (SCS).  Select the source and apply the "iBridge Dock" template to the source input.

Please note: We advise not to connect Myro:Air to Source Input 1 (Myro:Link ID 1) because that is typically reserved for the built in AM/FM radio of the C3/C5.   We have also experienced issues with CAM/CAV when using ID 1.
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