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Where can I find PC Access?


I'm setting up my OmniPro II and though I can connect to it just fine with Myro (both the Mac app and IOS app), I don't know where to find/buy the PC Access app I need to program the system.

Is there a way native to Mac OS or IOS that I can configure the zones and actually program the OmniPro II?  I can use a Windows VM if needed, but I'm not seeing PC Access for sale/download anywhere.

Any help appreciated!

Thank you

Myro Control:
Hi!  If you have a license you can contact HAI/Leviton support and they will provide a link to the software.  If you lost your license key then you can still contact HAI/Leviton and they can look it up.    If you don't have a license key, I assume they will provide you with one as well.


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