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Skewed logs and delayed updates


I have two issues at the moment:
First, in Myro:Home Helper, I have logging enabled for several items, but the columns seem all mixed up. The first two rows look right to me, but after that, each row is different from the last. It doesn't seem like they're being rotated or something easy to unscramble, they just seem nearly random. I'm attaching a picture of the first few rows of the .csv as an example. This seems to happen for all logs; I'm currently logging 6 thermostats, 7 zones (door sensors), and power events.

The second, in the Myro:Home app on iPhone, it seems to update the control and security pages (and also things like flags) pretty quickly once I tap on them, but the climate page doesn't seem to update quickly. Sometimes if I leave it open for a while, it will become more correct, but to really update all the climate data, I have to either force quit the app (so it has no cached data) or tap on each of the thermostats individually; when it loads the thermostat, it updates its data and then updates the summary page.

Oh, and a third thing that seems to happen occasionally; if I leave Myro:Home Helper running for a while (say a week) eventually the green dot next to the controller turns yellow, and it stops communicating with the HAI. I tried to work around this by having the computer just automatically reboot itself periodically, but sometimes when I do that, the HAP server doesn't start. Is there a way to keep both the connection to the OmniPro II and the HAP server running consistently without needing to kick one or the other periodically? Or is there a good way to make sure that they stay running? If there were access to check/restart things via AppleScript or something, I'd happily write a script that checks and restarts the HAP server or something like that.

Myro Control:
Hi!  v2.50 if Myro:Home Helper is available should fix many of these issues.

Please create a support ticket if you are still having issues and we can work closer to figure out the issue.

As for Myro:Home -- looks like there is another person having the same issue with climate updating... I am trying to repro it here, version  2.22 will be out this month and I want to make sure I get this bug/issue addressed.

Thanks! I did notice the new version, and can confirm that at least the CSV logs look much better now. I took advantage of this to feed the CSV log files to a Python script that emulates a TP-Link smart plug with power measurement, so now every time a light turns on or off, it gets reported to my Sense energy monitor, so I can see how much power my lights are using! And I'm feeding the thermostat CSV files to Grafana, so I'm getting graphs of how my radiant heat system is performing, which might motivate me to edit some of the thermostat parameters to get better performance.

I'll see if the connection becomes any more stable, or if I still have to reboot regularly. I see that I'm on an old-ish version of the firmware, and at least two updates since my version (3.12) include "improved TCP connection" in the release notes.

And I'll open a support case for the thermostat updates.

Myro Control:
Have found the issue with Thermostats... this will be fixing in v2.22.


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