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Good Morning,
Merry X-mas.

iPads version 12.1 iPad Pro 9.5 and iPad Air
2@ iPhone 8+ version 12.1
MYRO:HOME version 1.03 (6109)

I'm hoping I'm posting this in the correct place.

Downloaded your program this weekend. Got it up and running on 2 iPads and 2iPhones. Finally had time to play around.

I have 2 HAI Omni Pro 2 Boards. at different locations in my state.

Have both locations up and running.(set ups are quite a bit different.)

1.   In "settings" I cant set a date for a holiday.(garbage pickup change because of a holiday) I set the date and it changes back. Both iPad and iPhone.
2.  In "control" my "outputs" show up in the Control screen. both iPad and iPhone
3.  Tried to set a timer in Outputs and it shows % not a time clock. ( it stays on) Both devices.
4.  I only get the matching outdoor temp as my outdoor sensor on my iPad status page when I change the app icon to dark.Even thou it doesn't  change the  color of the icon. iPad only, everthing works fine on iPhone. ( changes color and shows correct temp)
5.  Every time i launch the app in my phone I have to restore purchases to proceed to operating the app.
6.  In "Recent" the changes I have made at one locations shown's up at both locations.( confusing)

That's all for the time being.

Want to point out that I'm really excited about your product. I have a monthly subscription for now.

Thank you
Enjoy your Holidays

Mike Hickman

Myro Control:
Hi!  Thanks — for bugs it’s better for me if you create a support ticket at as I can better track -  forum is good for conversations...  i’ve Logged your bugs and will review.  Have a great Christmas break!

Thank you,

Will do that from here on.

Merry Christmas


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