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Myro Control:
We currently support Matrix Switchers by the following companies:

* Atlona
* Extron
* Gefen
* Grandbeing
* HD Anywhere
* Intelix
* Key Digital
* Kramer
* Monoprice
* Octava Inc.
* SnapAV
* Wyrestorm
* Niles
* Nexus & Leaf Matrix
* Xantech
* Vanco

If you need support for a matrix switcher not listed, please create a support ticket and submit the RS-232 protocol document.

Which of the supported switchers have been tested with HD Video on the Russound MCA-C5? I want to switch HD Video similar to SD switching on the CAV6.6.

Myro Control:
I've updated the list with the new switchers we support ---

We recommend Key Digital and Wyrestorm matrix switchers.   SnapAV, Octava, Atlona are also great and have been tested.

Thanks for the update.  So Key Digital products such as KD-4x8, KD-6x6, KD-8x4 & KD-8x8 should switch HD Video with the Russound MCA-C5?

Myro Control:
For sure!   Key Digital has a single protocol for their switchers which makes it very nice to integrate with.   That said, if you plan on "daisy changing" 4x8's to accomplish a 4x16, our firmware has another setting you can do this only with Key Digital.


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