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I want Push Notifications when my alarm changes state. Use Home Helper?


I want Push Notifications when my alarm changes state. Should I use Home Helper to accomplish this?

I would be happy if I got a Push Notification when my alarm is "alarming" aka "In Alarm".  A Push Notification when the alarm is being armed or disarmed would be OK too.  My HAI system will call my iPhone when the system is armed or disarmed, but shockingly, it does NOT call if the alarm is alarming!

So, I'm trying to figure out if Home Helper my answer.  A DuckDuckGo search on the Internet appears to show that Home Helper also does many other things, it creates all kinds of logs so you can look at the history of events etc. I have zero interest in this. Can that feature be disabled?


Myro Control:
Yes, Myro:Home helper will send a push notification when the system is armed, disarmed and any alarm 🚨 (multiple push notifications). You can pick and chose what gets sent (e.g. door opens/closes, etc), you don’t need to enable any other features, but I’m sure you’ll love extending your HAI object as HomeKit accessories so then you can ask Siri to turn then on/off, etc.

Thank you for the reply.  I'll give Home Helper a try.  I don't use Siri,or HomeKit  but I do want to get Notifications.

I see the price is $99, is that a one time only charge?

(I've never seen so much Verification done on a user forum before) 

Myro Control:
Yes, one-time charge.   

Forums are brutal to run because of so many spammers -- easier to create a support ticket sometimes.


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