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Multiple licensing


After seeing the message for the activation on a second device I need to ask how does the licensing exactly works?
If I remember correctly it was said that every device needed a separate annual subscription (which is a big NO for me since I'd have to buy it for my phone, my wife's and the home iPad - that's 3 subscriptions and it's too much, that's like a full year Netflix subscription!).
So I'm asking:
1. Does the subscription work for multiple devices under the same Apple ID?
2. Does the subscription work for family shared accounts?

Thanks, but it's all a bit confusing since the store says it's suitable for family sharing but right after it says that in app purchases (like the subscription I believe) are not.

I have this installed on my iPhone and Ipad
Surprised this was never answered.

Myro Control:

If you use the same AppleID on all devices you can use run it on multiple devices.

If you use different AppleID's for AppStore purchases on each device, Apple currently does not allow for "Family Sharing" for inapp purchases.

I hope this changes soon, but in the meantime, I have heard from others that you can log in using the account purchased initially, then restoring purchase.


Myro Control:
Apple has announced they will allow developers to enable Family Sharing for subscriptions... I will be enabling this as soon as they make it available.


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