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Myro Control:
Hello folks -- frustrated like you and a fan of the Haiku Helper and Haiku, I've decided to rebuilt a similar application keeping Weather, Push Notifications, Energy, etc.  I removed some features like scripting and their web interface as that I think was too difficult for people to understand and use but added a couple other features to make up (specific push notification triggers, logging, etc).   

I created Myro:Home for the PC years ago and when Haiku came out, I used Myro:Home on my touch panel and Haiku/Haiku Helper on my iOS devices.  The push notifications were the best part... I was sad to see them kill the product.  I am excited to see what they come up with next, but for now I need something to replace it -- so I'm bringing Myro:Home to iOS/WatchOS.
Anyways, Myro:Home Helper is currently in beta testing -- let me know if you are a current Haiku Helper user, I'd like to chat with you.
Myro:Home for iOS is also in final development -- rebuilt all the core connectivity using SWIFT language -- it has a WatchOS 3 app as well where you can trigger your "favorites" easily -- I use it for my garage door, etc.
I'd like to know what features you guys liked from Haiku and what you didn't -- let's not even talk about Spaces. ;)
How much feedback I get will dictate how much efforts I put in releasing to public... currently I'm building this for myself with the idea of putting it in the App Store for others to enjoy/migrate to.

Hi Danny,

Definitely interested in moving to this - I honestly just miss the push notifications.

I also use openhab since it integrates with HomeKit


Myro Control:
Push notifications are done and working well -- I have HomeKit core completed -- just need to get it "wired" into the MyroHomeHelper code now.

I am a long time Haiku/Haiku Helper on Mac/iOS and desperately want a replacement iOS app to fix push notifications. Count me in. Thanks for working on this.

BTW, if it matters, I have an old HAI Omni controller system in my house with old touchpanels. I control security/alarm (including hard wired smoke alarms) and climate (multiple room thermostats for a hydronic radiant heat system). I do not really care about seeing the weather on my iPhone app. I do need to be able to 'reach in' and control my panel from the iPhone app (turn alarm/security on and off, adjust thermostats). I do use Comcast as my ISP with a dynamic IP. I have DYN service on my Mac @ home (always running), and leave the existing old Haiku Helper app running to be able to monitor the HAI Omni panel and push out notifications. I would pay a lot for new up-to-date functionality to allow a Haiku equivalent iOS app to run on my iPhone X under iOS 11. FWIW, I was actually surprised that iOS 11 did not actually break Haiku, and am glad I can still see and control my panel, but I do miss the push notifications.


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