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Refreshing Metadata on Russound Keypads


I'm curious, is there anyway to refresh the metadata on the russound uno keypads with a sonos/myro set-up? I get the metadata just fine when I switch stations, but it simply resets to just the source name (in this case 'stream 1'). Ideally, I would like the metadata to continuously loop or be 'refreshed' with a touch of a button on the keypads. Perhaps the play button might work for this if a continuous metadata loop isn't possible, or until addition sonos functionality comes along when playing pandora, iTunes, etc. It would be nice to not always have to unlock the iPhone to see 'what's playing'. My understanding is there is no way that the sonos app is available to be controlled from a locked screen or from the keypads except for limited volume and pause/play functions. Until such a time comes around, I thought the above might be a good solution. Thanks for any input!

Myro Control:
Hi!  Which keypads are you using?  You can force a "cycle" of metadata by pressing the "+" key on the keypad.   I will add in a true cycle in a future release.

I was mostly using UNO-2 keypads. Thanks for the tip about the '+' sign for 'refresh' and also for continuing to improve the interface. Will be watching for further updates.

Myro Control:
Great! We have been pushing forward on Myro:Air -- once the dust settles we'll get some updates out for Myro:Bridge ;D.


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