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The Grouse Theater -- Now Showing


Myro Control:

After a long while, The Grouse Theater is now open.  The theater features the following:

- 106" Stewart Filmscreen Horizontal Masking System
- Mavromedia Custom Screen Controller (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OjohlX82tM)
- B&W Loudspeakers
- Mackie THX 12" HRS120 Subwoofers (two total)
- 7.1 Surround Sound/THX Ultra via Pioneer 59TXi with Swapped out Burr-Brown Op Amps
- Custom Velvet Curtains
- BTX motorized curtain system with Low Voltage Interface
- Eight Acoustic Innovation Seating with velvet fabric and black welting
- JVC DLA-RS35 DILA Projector
- Peerless Mount with vibration isolation mounting kit
- Fosi Fiber Optic Ceiling, featuring a September sky & Shooting Star
- Rope Lighting
- Lutron GrafikEye 4-Zone Lighting System (with additional Lightolier Compose zones)
- Windows Media Center (Windows 7) with HD DVD & Blu-ray player
- Guilford Of Maine wall coverings
- Custom Cherry Woodwork with Aluminum inlays


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